Phillip C.

I’ve been going here regularly for the past couple of years and always leave satisfied. The staff is friendly and excited and the food is pretty good. The beer, however, is what keeps me coming back. They serve it in frosted glasses and I swear they keep the kegs on ice in a refrigerator. The prices are also reasonable in comparison to other places in town. My fiancé and I can normally eat there for between $20 and $25 dollars, including tip and two 32 oz. beers. Definitely one of our favorites.

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  1. Ilyass says:

    SO funny you mention this! As you know (wink, wink), I am trinyg to eat healthier lately.And last night I went to Mexican too (Terascas on Clark). I ended up eating some chips and salsa and then ordering two light Coronas rather than my normal margarita and white fish tacos with veggies and beans on the side (without eating the tortillas). I was surprised that I didn’t miss my normal margarita and nachos like I thought I would!Great post!

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